Rentvault is a rental website that links reliable tenants with landlords. We provide clarity throughout the rental period for both Landlords and Tenants, and help you feel taken care of as you search for a home or a tenant. Our goal is to provide quality and affordable housing alternatives to meet a wide variety of housing needs.


Rentvault seeks to make renting safer and remove the unknowns in renting for tenants and landlords


The mission of Rentvault is to help Tenants make informed decisions on where they choose to live, and help Landlords increase the profitability of their rental properties


Help landlords advertise their properties to reliable tenants. We provide staging consultations and photography services to help show your space as best as possible.

We guarantee your rent payments, as we pay your rent if the tenant defaults or breaks the lease. We pay for damages in excess of your deposit and our lawyers or paralegals represent you in court.

We attract reliable tenants to your property because we make renting profitable for them. You can feel safe knowing that all tenants in our network are genuine and have been vetted. No more fake references from fake landlords.

We take the burden of having to vet tenants and do all the necessary checks to ensure you find the best tenants. You just say yes. Final decisions are up to you. You just say yes to the vetted tenant you like.


We report your rent payments and this is guaranteed to increase your score. This is cheaper and easier than using a credit card and profitable to you.

We help immigrants find a housing solution that matches your budget and families needs, building your credit score 3x faster.

Renters can review your landlord and see other reviews from other tenants. Know your landlord so you feel more comfortable signing the lease with a responsive and responsible person.