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Rentvault links landlords with tenants and removes the unknowns in renting

Why Does Rentvault Benefit Tenants?

Making renting profitable for tenants

Building Credit

Credit history is something students and new immigrants struggle with. They typically don't have a history of on-time payments. Rentvault makes the process less challenging, by reporting rent payments. You have a chance to build credit faster than you would otherwise.

Repairing Credit

There are currently no rewards for paying rent on time; but there should be. Missed payments or bankruptcies lower your credit score. Rentvault fixes this, by recording rent payments. On - time rent payments can raise your credit score by up to 100 points. Recorded payments also provide proof of ontime payments.

Accessing Better Rates

Your credit score is important when going to a lender for a mortgage. Lower credit scores, even a difference of 100 points could cost you thousands of dollars in interest payments. Improving your credit through Rentvault's rent reporting can save you thousands when applying for a mortgage.

Making Renting Profitable

Repairing or creating credit history can prove challenging. You are already making these payments, so let Rentvault make paying your rent profitable. Don't just rent faster, rent profitably with Rentvault.


Rentvault is a rental website that links reliable tenants with landlords. We provide clarity throughout the rental period for both Landlords and Tenants, and help you feel taken care of as you search for a home or a tenant.

Our goal is to provide quality and affordable housing alternatives to meet a wide variety of housing needs.

Step 1

Find you a home to live

Step 2

Vet the home

Step 3

Report Rent payments


The mission of Rentvault is to help Tenants make informed decisions on where they choose to live


Rentvault seeks to make renting safer and remove the unknowns in renting for tenants

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